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Copper-Foil Ornaments - How to Make Your own

by Chris Granger

What better way to liven up the holidays than with some homemade copper foil decorations? Not only are they extremely easy to make, but they add the perfect holiday charm to your home. All you will need for this project are a few simple supplies. You'll need some copper foil .005 to .010 inch thick (30-40 gauge), metal cutters, sandpaper, various holiday shaped cookie cutters, a hole puncher, some ribbon in festive colors, and a pencil to trace the shapes.

Here's an easy way to make copper foil holiday ornaments.

Take a cookie cutter and trace the shape on the copper foil with a pencil. After tracing, cut the shape out with the metal cutters. Then, use a piece of sandpaper to sand off any burs or sharp edges on the copper foil. After all the edges are smooth, punch a hole near the top of the copper foil ornament. String a ribbon through the hole of the copper foil decoration and tie the ends together. Now, you can hang the ornament on a Christmas tree.

Also, you could skip the ribbon step altogether and use the copper foil ornament to decorate the dinner table or any other festive area. You can find a place for the decorations almost anywhere. The more ornaments you make, the better it will look.

In addition, it adds a great personal touch if you cut and paste a photograph of your family or any other picture you prefer to the copper foil ornament. In fact, you could also make an entire collage of photo-ornaments to illustrate the year. You could make a copper foil decoration for each of your relatives and loved ones to hang on your tree.

This way you can have the entire family with you for the holidays, even if they canít actually be there in person. I suggest using craft scissors to crop the photograph to make it look neater and more artistic. 'Hope you enjoy this fun and easy craft with copper foil!


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